Top business consultants – which are the best?


There are several ways to identify the top business consulting firms. The most well-known rankings,
which have the goal to identify the best management consultancy, are based either on the turnover
(Lünendonk), according to the estimation of the customers (Prof. Fink) or after Image (Höselbarth / Lay).
Most of the time these lists and reviews have the same names, which are either based on the criteria
themselves (the largest are usually the best known) or the design of the survey. Below you will find a
description of different methods and studies for the identification of top management consultancies.


Lünendonk’s list of top 10 German management consultancies only covers those consulting companies
that have their headquarters and the majority of the share capital in Germany, so the list only covers the
consulting company Germany. The multinational management consulting companies, which have their
head office or their capital majority abroad, will – in so far as they have achieved significant sales with
management consulting services in the German market – have their own overview and consultancy list
“International Management Consulting in Germany” with their relevant worldwide turnover. and
employee numbers in alphabetical order (including the most well-known strategy houses such as
McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group and Bain, but also the operational and IT consulting firms such as AT Kearney, Accenture, CapGemini and the BigFour).


The two industry experts Frank Höselbarth of the People and Brand Agency, a consulting firm from
Frankfurt and the Frankfurt Business School Professor Lars Wellejus determine in cooperation with the
WirtschaftsWoche (“Best of Consulting”) in a three-part process, the brand strength and the ability to
increase the value of consulting firms , They are based on a survey for which 1500 German companies
are asked for their opinion on 40 large and medium-sized consulting companies. In 2014, Boston
Consulting Group, a consulting firm with German offices in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg,
Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart emerged as the overall winner of the event. In the individual categories
you will find other well-known and less well-known consulting companies such as PwC, Porsche
Consulting, Horvath and goetzpartners.


In his rankings, Prof. Fink analyzes and consolidates the experiences and assessments of consulting-
tested executives. They are asked how good they are for the services of the classic consultants. Every

year, Germany’s best consultants include the well-known brands of the consulting industry such as
McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Roland Berger, Bain and Booz (today strategy +) or A.t. Kearney. In 2014, a change of guard will take place: McKinsey, in the judgment of the customers, refers the main
competitor Boston Consulting (BCG) to second place. Interesting in the investigation here is that in
important skills and characteristics of the consultants from the customer’s point of view (such as team
ability, implementation ability and price level) there may well be other winners besides the top five: PwC
(communication skills), Ernst & Young (price level ). Cardea, in collaboration with Prof. Fink, carried out
the same study for the second time in Switzerland, which was published exclusively on the balance
sheet and not only mentions the Swiss consulting firm, but also the entire DACH area.


Brandeins’ top list of management consultancy firms in Germany exclusively provide consultancy
services that are often recommended by other consulting firms or valued by customers. In addition to
traditional management consultancy, IT consultancy, advisory services provided by auditing firms
(KPMG, Deloitte, PwC, EY) and agencies siwue a Markt also provide in-house advice, such as in-house
consultancy. Porsche Consulting considered.


The Cardea quality label cap – cardea audited performance is a quality certificate for top consulting
companies. Consultants receive the seal of approval if they have passed the certification process
successfully. The certificate distinguishes consulting companies that differentiate themselves through
high quality and excellent consulting services from the customer’s point of view. Decisive for the award
with the seal of approval cap – cardea audited performance and the receipt of the certificate are proven
achievements evaluated by customers and experiences in tested fields of competence.


The consulting company is digitizing itself, keyword Consulting 4.0 (or also called 4.0 consulting): With
consultingsearcher® Cardea has also created in cooperation with Dallorey and publicorange a web
platform, which also aims to bring transparency to the consulting market and the performance of the To
measure consulting firm. However, with a slightly different philosophy: On the one hand, the
competences of the consulting companies are directly linked to corresponding project experiences,
experts and customer evaluations, on the other hand, consultingsearcher® covers the wide field from
the big, leading consulting firms (Global Leaders) to the niche players.

For the premium portal consultingsearcher®, the quality and correctness of the information provided by
consulting companies is a central concern. The data on consultingsearcher® are entered by experts. If a
consulting firm is added to consultingsearcher®, a consultingsearcher® expert will conduct a personal
positioning discussion with the consultant, which defines the core areas of expertise of the consulting
firm. The relevant competence-relevant data are then recorded with the utmost care.

The quality assurance of the information is ensured by a verified quantity structure, which summarizes
the most important key figures for customers looking for advice. Only truthful and credible information