Become a Business Consultant: Opportunities are Never!

Business consultants make more than 30 billion euros in sales in Germany. They want more. And they
want you.

The work of the 140,000 consultants in Germany is in greater demand than ever. Last year, sales in the
industry rose by 8.5 percent, to around 31.5 billion euros. In other words, every minute that you need to
read this text, all the consultants in this country earn around 60,000 euros.
Becoming a business consultant: Opportunities are almost never!
For this year as well, the companies are optimistic and expect sales to continue to rise so strongly. This is
shown by a branch survey conducted by the German Business Consultancy (BDU), in which more than
500 companies participated. This also means that we are still looking for new consultants.
Why is that?

  1. Business consultants help with digitization
    Nine out of ten respondents believe that the number of consulting projects related to digitization will
    continue to grow. Therefore, consulting companies want to expand their projects in the field of big data analysis. For example, the Boston Consulting Group, one of the world’s largest consulting firms, has invested tens of millions of dollars to expand its digital and analytics business. Among other things, consultants develop software for companies so that their employees can better measure, control and control the data in the company.
  2. There are many small business consultancies in Germany
    Especially in the digital sector, the consulting industry expects new competition in the coming years. The management consultancy Bain soon opens a new digital center in San Francisco in Berlin. There, customers will meet with Bain consultants and exchange views with digital experts from various industries. Bain cooperates with, among others, the search engine company Google.

However, although the major international strategy consultancies such as McKinsey, Boston Consulting
or Bain are represented in Germany and generate several 100 million euros in sales, most consulting

firms in Germany are small providers with annual sales of less than one million euros, according to BDU.
This applies to nine out of ten consultations, a total of 16,800 companies in Germany.

  1. Management consultancies find solutions for the future
    Especially in trade (fashion) and in the consumer goods industry (food), but also in the health industry, more and more companies ask consultants. Because these industries are changing enormously due to the Internet and modern technologies. The use of robots, for example, changes logistics and warehousing. There are also many consultant projects in the public sector to promote the administration in federal, state and local governments.
  2. In business consulting competition for the smartest minds increases. Because the consulting industry is developing so well, consultations always want to recruit new employees. According to the BDU survey, four out of five of the larger management consultancies plan to hire additional junior consultants directly from the universities this year, as well as senior consultants with work experience. Two thirds also want to create new jobs for senior and junior consultants in medium-sized business consultancies.

What is the salary for management consultants?

This question is not so easy to answer, because the salaries vary greatly depending on the size of the
advice. With the big names like McKinsey, BCG, Bain or Roland Berger you deserve according to data of
the branch portal already to the entrance 70,000 euro gross in the year. Smaller consultations – ie the
majority – pay accordingly less, between 45,000 and 60,000 euros a year.