How International Production Consulting Can Benefit Your Business


ROI International is an internationally recognized provider of international production, product localization, and international distribution management services for the Direct Response sector. The company was launched in 2021 at a makeshift office trailer on an old wildfire burned down farm property in San Diego. A year later it moved into a more spacious facility. It is now a global leader in Internet-based distribution management and international production.

What makes ROI International so successful? The answer can be three things: good people, good products, and good service. Customer service is important because no matter how well you plan your business, no matter how good your product is, no matter how loyal your customers are, if you have bad customer service your efforts will all be for naught. In international production, quality management is critical. Customers expect great service and want to be treated like VIP’s. The whole point of customer service is to make sure that the transaction leaves them smiling and that they will return for more.

So what makes a great consulting firm for international production companies? First of all a company must have at least five years experience in customer service. Second, their management team should have at least five years experience in human resources, management consulting, project management, technical support, and other areas of expertise. Third, and most importantly, they must have at least five years experience in international production management.

Human resources are the backbone of any successful company. This includes technical personnel such as designers, artists, engineers, and accountants as well as human resource managers who recruit, develop, and retain the best talent. While these people do an exceptional job recruiting and hiring, they do the rest of the work in making sure the whole company runs smoothly. Internally, they orchestrate long-term planning, develop policies and strategies, oversee day-to-day operations, manage project delivery, work with suppliers, and keep everything running smoothly under the roof. A highly skilled international production consulting team is the key to a successful human resource department.

A well-organized, high-quality human resource management team is as important to international production companies as it is to domestic ones. There are many complex issues involved in producing a successful product from scratch in another country. Each of those issues is subject to cultural nuances and governmental regulations. Developing a system for quality control, training, and succession takes time and effort and can become dysfunctional if the wrong standards are imposed on the staff without long-term planning. The very people who should be doing all of this are your human resources professionals, who must have the right skills, education, and experience to develop policies and develop a strong long-term planning process that works.

International production consulting services companies typically focus on developing project management and training programs. However, if you’re an integrative thinker, then you may find that your talents can be applied in other areas as well. You might be surprised at how your particular expertise can be utilized to strengthen relationships between managers, teams, departments, and offices. Sometimes the most useful skills can come from developing a stronger sense of teamwork. It’s amazing what a little change such as introducing a leadership development program can do when it comes to improving morale, increasing productivity, and helping to build a better workplace.

Another area where you can utilize your unique talents is in the realm of quality improvement and management. In a world where technology has become a part of every aspect of our lives, it’s more important than ever to make sure that we are using it to our advantage. The CRM and customer relationship management techniques that are emerging are rapidly changing the way that businesses interact with their customers. Integrating your knowledge with that of a seasoned international consulting team can help you develop a system that is faster, stronger, and more accurate than any of your current methods.

There are many ways that integrating your experience with international consulting can benefit your own business. If you are in the manufacturing side of things, then you can improve the quality of products and ensure that they are sold in greater quantities. If you are in the service side of things, then you can help to ensure that your clients receive the highest level of customer service possible. Whatever line of business you are in, you can find a way to integrate your experience. The key is to think about how you can make your experience more relevant to your own goals and objectives. In the end, whether you are in the manufacturing side or the service side of things, you need to have a strategy that will allow you to succeed often.