goals of Management Consulting

Management Consulting: Concept, Types, Goals


By management consulting it is customary to understand such a type of activity that is aimed at improving management forms, as well as doing business. In this case, cooperation between companies from around the world will have a positive impact. There are many definitions of this concept. We suggest considering the main ones.

Fritz Steehl called management consulting any form of providing assistance in the content, the process of building or solving a problem in which the consultant does not fulfill the assigned tasks. And Lari Greiner calls it a separate set of services that are provided by specially trained and specially qualified persons. They help clients discover and analyze organization problems and offer different ways to get out of such situations.

What are the goals of counseling?

Among the main goals that clients pursue, using the services of consultants:

  • training;
  • identification, use of new opportunities;
  • a solution of both managerial and business problems;
  • achievement of company goals.

Types of Management Consulting

In today’s world, it’s easy to manage around the world. This type of activity as consulting according to the type of tasks to be solved is divided into:

  • Strategic – analyzes the global and regional markets for finished products, as well as raw materials, competitors, production and consumption dynamics, and creates an effective business model.
  • Marketing – an effective marketing strategy is being created, an organization’s marketing program is being developed. International production is becoming more productive.
  • Organizational – building an effective leadership system.
  • Financial and economic. The process must necessarily be a detailed analysis of financial and economic activities.
    Personnel, building, and developing a corporate culture.

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