Global Footprint – ROI Management Consulting

The global footprint of a company – building, interacting and controlling internationally distributed
locations – is a key requirement for long-term competitiveness, efficiency and crisis resilience. The best
possible design of these production and development networks places high demands on corporate
management, especially with regard to the technological, organizational, legal and cultural dimensions.

Especially in the manufacturing industry, globalization, diminishing vertical integration, growing
customer proximity and intensive cross-company cooperation have created complex maps. This applies
to international production, development and distribution locations of multinational corporations as
well as medium-sized companies. These networks, often historically or as a result of acquisitions and
mergers, are rarely optimally aligned with the company’s strategy.

Not only the extremely complex long-term planning, but also the need for country-specific knowledge,
diverse framework conditions, high investments and the complicated balancing of central and local
interests make changes in the footprint a sensitive topic. Consistent change management and the
involvement of regional stakeholders are just as necessary as a strong and globally accepted project
management, especially in the design and implementation phase. Many aspects have to be clarified in
the context of footprint projects. These include:

  • Number and location of the locations as well as optimal use of high and low wage countries,
  • comprehensive, multidisciplinary trend and risk monitoring,
  • correct distribution of development and manufacturing content,
  • Reduction of currency impact,
  • Resilience to protectionist aspirations,
  • international leadership and development of a global business organization,
  • Balance between central and decentralized responsibilities and competences.

ROI has extensive expertise and years of experience building international networks and introducing
multi-site, adaptive production, development and distribution systems.

Our clients’ footprint projects have taken us to more than 40 countries around the world. Because
wherever you want to build your future, you can count on the experience of ROI. We combine a
comprehensive knowledge of local structures, geopolitical, economic, socio-demographic and logistical
framework conditions with strong local implementation skills. When setting up and optimizing

international development and production networks, we ensure that best practices in areas such as
Lean, Industry 4.0, OPEX and quality management are adapted to local conditions. ROI consultants with
many years of experience in the region and comprehensive industrial and management know-how
ensure efficiency and safety in all project phases.


Quality is more than the sum of processes, indicators, certificates and measurements – but still the core
of most successful long-term brands. This applies in particular to knowledge-intensive companies from
high-wage countries, where the products have a direct impact on human health, for premium brands or
for manufacturers of long-term capital goods. In more and more industries quality is synonymous with
the pursuit of perfection and zero defect is a non-negotiable component of one’s own performance.

The other side of quality orientation is “overengineering” – perfection and improvement in areas that
are no longer related to functionality and are not perceived as additional value by the customer. In
highly competitive, fast-moving markets, over-engineering is just as much of a problem as the vice that
quality management has to deal with. On the one hand, the quality requirements of customers
worldwide are increasing. On the other hand, the scope for quality management decreases sharply:
Short product and development cycles and growing variety limit the testing times, the decreasing depth
of added value requires quality controls across global supply chains, and the increasing share of
software and networked components massively increases product complexity. Against this background,
quality management must master the difficult balance between early integration into the value creation
process and effective firefighting, preventative and reactive activities, high standards and quality costs,
the use of the latest technologies, and potential quality risks of networking and digitization.

In this challenging environment, ROI is a trusted and experienced partner, helping companies from the
supply chain through development and production to customer service with effective quality
management solutions. With technologies for data analysis, for automation applications or for remote
maintenance, we continuously develop the quality level of products and services. In doing so, we rely on
a broad wealth of experience and a comprehensive methodology to realize quality excellence:

  • preventive safeguarding of product quality and risk management in the product development process,
  • Quality assurance of purchased parts and supplier development,
  • Introduction of stable manufacturing processes (including Six Sigma),
  • Use of Industry 4.0 / IoT solutions such as Preventive Maintenance, Preventive Quality Planning
  • & Control, In-Line Process Control, or Digital TQM,
  • Quality cost reduction programs,
  • operative quality offensives, process stabilization,
  • Quality management in indirect corporate functions,
  • Implementation of a zero-defect philosophy in the company.